A few frequently asked questions from our clients.

If you still have a question we invite you to contact us directly

Why are your strings better?

Our strings our better than the competition because of our attention to detail and quality materials and process used.

Do you install the strings or do other pro shop services?

With the new merger between XFire and Winks, Xfire will no longer be doing installs or have any proshop services. Xfire will concentrate soley on building bowstrings and all installs and pro shop servives will be handled by CJ at Winks Sporting Goods.

How will New Xfire Strings Effect my bow or Crossbow?

Our strings will bring out the best performance in your bow/crossbow by holding spec longer than the competition. No peep rotation, serving seperations, or string stretching will insure that your bowc/crossbow will preform at its highest level for a longer amount of time.

How Long will my new XFire Strings last?

Our stings will last 1,000s of shots as long as everything is installed properly, maintained with string wax, and stored properly.

While Tuning, how many twists may I add or subtract?

There is no set answer for this question as every bow is a little different. Your local proshop will determine if any twists are added or subtracted due to a varrying amount of things( draw length, poundage, cam timing, etc)

How often should I wax my bowstrings?

You should wax our strings every 35-50 shots.